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toastedzen   oO(...but where did he get the money?)
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Crazy Red   Hey sailor...
JungSuTeeWhen I was a wee kid, this book opened the world of Scif-Fi for me :)
A Wrinkle In Time Official US Teaser Trailer
Watch the teaser trailer for Disney's A Wrinkle In Time. A W...
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toastedzen   I recall this movie fondly.
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Enjin has 5 days remaining of sub time, and we have recently talked about just switching over to Discord, can really manage all the things the website did on Discord.

Seems the use for Enjin has died out with the Star Wars fizzle (previous not this most recent return lol) and there has been no real use for it since we have swapped to Discord.

Please make sure to save anything you wish from the website in the coming days!! Not sure how well Enjin will store stuff if we do not resub to it, don''t want important items to go missing!

Also please join us in Discord if you haven't already! It's free and it's fun! (DABBOT!) or now as he likes to be called (Midnight Funk Association)!

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Trigon   Oops I meant enjin. Shows you what's on my mind instead ;)
Demun   Discord=VOIP (vent ts mumble) :)
manoface   VOIP?
aog fastwalkerGreat eerie image.
Vader: "Ahsoka, you've abandoned me..."
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toastedzenSo, true story, I am working on creating a playlist of all of the Expanse audio books right now for my work commutes. I am really excited. Recently I have listened to all of the new canon Star Wars books. Audiobooking (is that a word?) is this new thing I have been doing a lot of lately; because of all the time I spend on the road (which in my mind - as a grown ass man - I still think of as Hyperspace).
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aog fastwalker   You and me both. I've been audiobooking for the longest time. On the road, on the can, yardwork, etc. It doesn't stop.
toastedzen   I was listening to a lot of podcasts, but now I am back to books. That data cap is no joke.
JungSuTeeThe Rakghoul event is up if anyone needs Lorkin. Also, the patch notes contain some interesting changes too :)
Game Update 5.2.2 | Star Wars: The Old Republic
Official site. BioWare and LucasArts bring you the next evolution in MMO Gameplay: Story.
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aog fastwalkerSomeone created custom XWing tabletop mat that perfectly references Rogue One -- Death Star, Scarif with gate shield, and the Rebel flagship "Profundity".
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