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ExcaliburHow come no one told me that Deb was coming to visit?
Debbie intensifies to Category 4
TROPICAL Cyclone Debbie has intensified and looks set to cross the coast at Ayr on Tuesday morning as a Category 4 system. The latest update from the weather bureau revealed the sy...
toastedzenThe Expanse season 2 is already so goooooood!
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Crazy Red   Welcome to The Expanse, Aog. That series has replaced Enders Game as my all time favorite.
Dirr   I'm only half-way thru season 1 and just ordered the first book! I really like the series!
toastedzen   I really want to read the series too!
ExcaliburThe guy has other videos with software that costs money. But it might be fun for some people who want to record something while sounding like a Geth.
Mass Effect - Geth Voice Tutorial
This mother fuckin' today I explain how to sound like a moth...
TrigonYes please
Conan Exiles - Official Cinematic Trailer
Trigon   Update: give it at least another year, pretty bad early access.
Lowy   Yea it still needs work. , but definitely tons of potential.
LowyJust wanted to let everyone know that XCorps is 9 days from completing the Dilithium Mine holding (12 with the remaining projects). The next focus will be getting spire research to T3 for Locators (Tier 2 Research will complete in about 2 days).
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Lowy   Star Trek Online
aog fastwalker   STO'vokor!
toastedzen   I haven't played this game in forever lol that's awesome though.
The Expanse Season 1 Recap: With Cats (Recat!)
Epic space action, complicated relatable characters, and... adorable cats. See what made Season 1 of The Expanse so amazing, as told through cute kitties.
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Crazy Red   I have read every book in that series and love it, the show is pretty good too and I cannot wait for the return!
aog fastwalker   I red the first and LOVE IT! what a great scifi read. can't wait for Expanse to be on Netflix.
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manoface   We survived 2016!
Demun   R.I.P. my left index finger didn't...but I did!! F U 2016 I'm still kicking strong!!
Crazy Red   Booger Hook Down !!!
aog fastwalkerMerry New Year! May the Force be with you. Always.
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puckerlipsSo Long Princess...
Trigon   Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
TrigonMerry Christmas to all and to all a late night... of gaming!
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Bluto   Merry Xmas Nerds!!
toastedzen   Thanks Tri!
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